Review for Le-Mon MPV435

 Le-Mon MPV435

picture from Le-Mon official website

I’ve bought this baby for more than 7month and i’ve promised an updated review on my other blog.

So here it is…


Updated review (as of 6th June 2007)

Design wise – 6/10
black front, silvery & mirror-like back…
i could only say… it’s tooooo similar to a IPOD…
well, you could probably pass it off as a mini version of IPOD.

Memory (2gb) – 8/10
for memory, it definitely gets higher.
since 2gb is sufficient for me, haha.
i’ve put up till 200+ songs, and still able to insert another 50 – 100 more (depending on file size).

Battery life – 7/10
decent, can handle up to 5hrs of non-stop mp3s.
if you ‘conveniently’ forget to turn it off (like me – blur queen), it’ll take about 8-10hrs to discharge.

one full charge will probably last you 2days.
(based on 4 x 1hr bus ride)

Functionality – 5/10
could definitely be better…
as much as it looks like an IPOD, but sadly… *sigh*
the main menu is fine, just that i could never get the mp3s to play in random.
inserting of mp3 to memory, is as easy as drag and drop (or copy and paste).

Price wise – 7/10
i can’t remember how much i got it for… about S$199 (including the cube speakers) *grin*
but price for this little gadget has definitely drop roughly $50, since last year’s IT show.

Overall – 7/10

it’s a decent little gadget for portable music, video, photos and radio function.
but if you are looking for something much more fexible and slightly better, an IPOD / Creative mp3 will definitely be a better choice.


everything written are based on my hands-on experience with gadget.

not advised to be re-use / quoted anywhere else…

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  1. I bought LE MON MPV435 IPOD from Singapore and I lost the charger for the same. Kindly let me know from where I can get it. I live in Delhi, India. Best regards and thanx.

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