A day with Bunny-chan

Ter & Bunny-chanTer, my instructor in Pirate-hood

Aie matey!  - Pirate Bunny-chan Yohoho, i’m Pirate Bunny-chan

Bunny-chan held hostageWas held hostage with a waffle knife!

Rin & Bunny-chanThis is my savior, Rinny!

Sadako…Didn’t know what happened, but my savior turned into SADAKO! OMFG! o.O

mmm lick?After that, i aren’t sure if she’s trying to lick or eat me… mmm…

Nerdy Bunny-chanAfter i escaped, i become very emo.

Bu xiang huo leAnd eventually i got too emo till i bu xiang huo le…

ok le…But things got better and i became Princess Leia… =P


this is what you get, when you have a bored person @ work, with a bunch of wierd bunny photos… =P