Movie: Ocean Eleven, Twelve & Thirteen

pics from Wikipedia.


in one night, i’ve watched all three movies.

yup, it’s the Ocean Marathon.
7 hours, 3 movies, endless popcorns and drinks.


Ocean Eleven:
it’s a remake of the old 1960s movie, but the storyline has been drastically changed.

plot – stealing 160m from the owner of 3 major Las Vegas hotels, Terri Bendict and getting Daniel’s girl back.

precise planning, timing and executing…

Ocean Twelve:
only after watching it for the 2nd time, then i realized what’s going on with the story.
it was pretty confusing right from the start.

plot – revenge and proving who’s the best in this industry…

Ocean Thirteen:
based on revenge.
helping one of their buddies, to take revenge on his ‘so-called’ partner, Banks, who double-crossed and forced him out of a deal.

plot – bankrupt Bank’s casino on the opening night


among the 3, i still like the first movie, Ocean Eleven.
i believe till now, it still ‘wow-ed’ the audience, at least piggy and i were amazed.

quite a bit of straight-faced jokes, keep us focus… =)

whole movie experience – 5/5
pretty good… no seat-kicking, irritating phones and boring crowd.
everyone in that cinema seemed to have enjoyed the movie, like we did…
and we did get pretty good seats…

3 movies for $32 (with popcorn & drinks), worth it.

food – 3/5
would really prefer to have more choice of snacks…
well, i’m no popcorn lover and it causes me to cough like a TB patient.

theatre – 4/5
well, it’s GV Plaza, comfy seats.
much better than their Vivo branch…
althou i still prefer The Cathay more…
GV Plaza is still a good place to catch a weekend movie, only if you make early reservations =P


can’t wait till my next movie marathon =)