Over the weekend…

mizuno jacket

pics from Mizuno USA


bought a similar Mizuno jacket, before the movie marathon.
thanks to the Great Singapore Sale, i got it for 1/2 its usual price.

S$34.95 for such a good quality jacket.

love it… =P

game till 4 and met up with Arch, for some last min gift-making shopping.

early morning “chicken-killing” ktv session, with piggy & arch, @ Kbox…
after which, we headed over to Changi AP and commence on our ‘gift-making’ session…

and sending our dear friend, Terence, off… who’s now in Aust. (Monash uni).


no pics on gift, which was for Terence…
it’s just a bunch of our old photos (memories) and some well-wishes…

many thanks to those who rush down to fill in their well-wishes…
eg. Buttz, Retro & Mike.

even thou Eric couldn’t be there, he got us to fill in his part =P

on a side note, saw my sec sch mate, who’s Terence’s cousin’s bf.
and the girl, Buttz & Arch & Mike were looking at, was actually Mike’s friend.

lolx, small world 🙂

*hugs rinny*