At war… with kaka

early this morning, i got a shock…


a kaka (or better known as cockroach) had the ‘cheek’ to invade my clothing closet… o.O
started ‘dumping’ clothings out of my closet, trying to get ‘it’ out of there… but sadly, it refuses.
due to work, i had to leave ‘it’ hanging in my closet…

but before i left, i said this:
“if you don’t leave that closet by the time i get home, you are SO dead!”

not a very wise move, esp. talking to an insect / pest.
but at least i gave it a choice… *grin*


so, off i went to work…
planning, plotting, scheming my way to its destruction.

and along the way, i questioned GuoQiang…
why did he send his kaki to invade my closet… *grin*

he said, it’s to bio me… *sweat*

inside joke.

by end of the day, i’ve ‘recruited’ help to kill ‘it’…
and my helper aka knight with Bygone, is none other then… my dear piggy =P

spent an hour clearing out my ever-piled-so-blardy-high clothings, but thankfully happily no kaka was seen. so i suppose ‘it’ got the message and left promptly after i headed off to work.

ok fine, it’s crazy to even believe it understood.
but who cares, as long as it’s outta the closet =)

nevertheless, i got the pesticides and pandan leaves in place, with piggy’s help.


there goes my day…
basically on kakas.

what a way, to get thru boring Tuesday.