A Very Special Walk 2007

Autism walk

received over email (from Young NTUC)


“This year, three like-minded organizations have come together again for A Very Special Walk 2007 . A Very Special Walk, which started in 2005, supports projects that promote integration of persons with autism into mainstream society. With your help, we can break these barriers

Young NTUC would like to invite you to be a part of this meaningful project. To support A Very Special Walk, please register here”

quoted from site.


i would say it’s an event to help raise awareness and funds, for those who happened to have autism and to help them.

those who are willing to help them out, do click on “register” and fill in the form.

event is on 14th July (Sat), 8.30am – 10.30am
althou i aren’t sure if there’s any pre-event preparations for those who wanna help out, but i don’t think it’ll take up your whole weekend =)

and before you say, “what about you? aren’t you helping?

waiting for more details.