Razer Boomslang Collector Edition 2007

Razer Boomslang

pic from email (from Razerzone.com)


for gamers and computer geeks…

you would be quite familiar or remembered the Razer Boomslang…
it was the biggest gaming laser mouse at my time (roughly 3-4years back).

and now it’s back, with it’s collector edition!

*can’t wait to get my hands on it*
i realized it’s not possible… since they only have 10k of them!

and show casing it in Sweden (see below for event) first…

bring back my fav. boomslang…
not the special edition-ed 🙁


and on a side note, check out this site –> http://web.dreamhack.se/index.php?language=en

rest assure, it’s not p0rn or some virus/hacking site.
it’s for gamers!

it’s DreamHack – The World Largest Computer Festival, held in Sweden.
or better known as the LARGEST LAN-Party!

between 16 – 19 June.

*cuss* how i wish i could be there… >.