I’ll never watch a movie with my parents again!
Or should I say never to watch with my mom.

I thought a day movie outing with my parents would be fun, at least piggy thought it would be fun, for me…

As usual, my mom have to piss me off with her tactless and DOH! comments (or nonsense).

Seriously, I wonder what I did (in my past life, if there’s one) to deserve such nonsense from her…

Nonsense 1:
“Why did you sit near to this place, there’s so much garbage (meaning those food court cleaners’ trolley?!”

She = black-face, attitude.
She rather sit elsewhere and take up space (even thou she’s not eating), while others are looking for a table, to have their dinner.

Why I did it:
It’s dinner time and the food court is packed with people.
How is it possible to:
1) ‘fight’ with others (those families) for a table
2) Queue for my food and watch the table at the same time
3) Ensure my bag is still there and no-one will touch it (almost invalid, the table was pretty far away from the store)

And of course, if I could, I would definitely have gotten a better table.
Or they could come earlier and help me search for a table
No one in the right state of mind, would enjoy such nonsense from her

Nonsense 2:
“Why did you choose such center seats, instead of the corner seats?”
“How am I going to move and head for the loo (because she was having tummy problem)?!”

Why I did it:
Dad wanted a centre seat.
The corner seats were booked, both sides.
And I specifically chose the last row, so no one will kick her seat and she wouldn’t have to cuss at that person and make things even worse.

After all the nonsense, she fidgeted in her seat and grumbled.
Dad ignored her nonsense, as usual.

Seriously, there’s no way of pleasing her.
I would rather watch movie alone, than to ever watch with her again.