Boring weekend

Nothing much happened…
as usual.

Summary for weekend:
– lost weight – now 57kg
– dinner @ Seoul Garden with piggy
– accompanied piggy to Yishun
– sunday afternoon spent in Thomson Plaza (with piggy again)
– dinner @ Jai Thai

(note: too lazy and busy to blog properly)

I know I’m asking for it, when I have dinner at Seoul Garden, after losing weight… but I can’t help it when I’m craving for coffee chicken and squids =P

Anyway, we didn’t stuff ourselves silly with meat and seafood, which other patrons were doing… *roll eyes* they practically clean out all the meats and seafood whenever the staff fills them up.

Lunar 7th month is early this time =x


Yeah, having a ‘meanie’ moment…
Blame it on the scorching sun / sauna-like weather.

*Back to work*

add: food @ Jai Thai