I met my clone…


you read it right.
and no, if you are wondering.

Singapore has not approved cloning.

and definitely not likely of anyone… to have even ‘clone’ someone 24 + 3years (my ‘clone’ age) ago.

furthermore, who would wanna ‘clone’ a nerdy girl and i wouldn’t wanna be his ‘clone’ either.


i quote what my colleague, Amy said:
“It’s your twin! Your long lost brother! Your soulmate!”

*insert rolling of eyes action*
*insert some rolling on the floor action*

we (Amy & I) saw my ‘clone’ aka ‘unlikely long lost brother’ at work.
he happened to be our colleague, which we didn’t get to meet… since we were all stationed at different places.

even his senior, our dear friend from Finance, was teasing me about it, suggesting i should ‘get together’ with him.


more matchmakers at work.

i did see the similarities, the way we dress and probably the nerdy look.
pretty sure others (in office) would have thought the same.
like what Amy and that dear friend thought… *rolleyes*

well, we were expecting to see him today, since there was a meeting, to point out to my senior. she has yet to meet him as well but overheard from other Finance ppl that he quit.


too bad, my senior didn’t get the chance to tease me… *grin* … at least Amy had her chance in explaining and continued to tease me about it…


“See lah, you never talk to the poor boy yesterday! Now he left, you lost your soulmate?!
Your ‘future’ husband le! Where can you find a guy who looks exactly like you?!”

quoted her word for word. *faints*

anyway, like i’ve said… my ‘clone’ aka ‘soulmate’ aka ‘future husband’ left, which i’m thankful, at least i’m spared from future teasing! =P


my dear colleague…
she never fails to amaze me, at time she could say the darnest thing and leave everyone stunned for 10mins.

like the time, when our consultant was talking to us, she was teasing him, saying…
“Wah, you notice her since you started the project. So you ‘aim’ / like her since that time?!”

that left our consultant and me speechless but now that i think back, it’s hilarious.