I think i have to…

go for flu jab.

dear ‘influenza’ virus and my allergy loves me, so much that it attacked again.

other than ‘combat’ with flu + allergy…
piggy picked me up from work, accompanied me to Sengkang to pick up my new bluetooth headset 😀


brand new for S$45, cash on delivery!

pretty nice stuff, just quite ‘pai-seh’ to have let the seller waited for me, on tues…
well i’ve forgotten to indicate that i’ll be meeting him on wed instead… *oops* =x

at least he was ok and didn’t scold me or anything, nice uncle =)

and i bought a similar mother of pearl cross necklace, from the Christian bookshop.


dinner @ Wasabi restaurant, in Compassvale Point…
i like the layout of it, food was ok but i was so irritated with some customers.

those with babies & kids.

i’ve nothing against babies & kids but i’ve everything against their parents…
who can’t handle their own kids and still bring them out, disrupt others’ dining experience.

if your kid is crying or making loads of noise, be more considerate and bring them outta the restaurant to pacify them, before bringing them back in; instead of letting them scream / cry / make a whole load of noise and irritate others.

there were 3 set of families, 2 of them were fine.
their parents did try to pacify their kids and asked them not to disturb the others and that’s really considerate of those parents.

appreciate them doing that.


but there was this irritating couple with a 1yr+ baby, instead of finishing their meal quickly, the guy still take his own sweet time in eating and letting his kid make so much noise.

even the waitresses there can’t stand the screaming and tried to pacify the kid.

i stressed that sentence, because it was the WAITRESSES who were trying and not the FATHER of the kid, took his own sweet time and let his wife handled the kid alone.

what kinda guy is that!

plainly inconsiderate!

My conversation with piggy:

Me: There’s just too many inconsiderate parents.
Him: That’s because you are in Singapore.
Me: True, it’s so much better overseas.
Him: What to do, it happens. At least some parents are better.


i wouldn’t say ALL parents are like the inconsiderate couple.
i would only say there’s a huge handful of them.

the others, considerate and thoughtful enough to put themselves in other’s shoes.
and some, would avoid restaurants at all cost, because they know how DESTRUCTIVE their kids can be.