Our past – National Stadium

tomorrow – 30th June 2007
the final ‘performance’ in National Stadium.

‘The Final Roar at Singapore National Stadium’, quoted CNA.

a farewell party for our stadium, with live performance and clubbing by Zouk.


the place holds fond memories, of my childhood and for many others’.

vague memories of my kindergarten days, being in the performance, running under the national flag… learning and singing the songs, watching people dance and cheer. there was the time, when everyone was so into soccer, due to the Malaysian Cup (i’m not a soccer fan, so i can’t really be bothered about getting it right, if i’m wrong)… whenever there’s a match and everyone would be so looking forward to watching it and cheering the teams and who can forget, our Kallang roar?

what about those international stars, who have performed there, eg. Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson… etc.

those were the good days.

while reminiscing…
i recall the last performance i caught in National Stadium, was 7 years ago.
my ‘then’ boy friend had invited me to watch NDP with him; catching it ‘live’ is so much different from sitting infront of a tv set.

everyone were hyped, cheering, laughing and singing… it’s not just a celebration, it’s a family event. everyone, young and old, seem to be family, at that very moment.

perhaps that’s why many would ballot for the tickets, praying they’ll get the tickets, wanting to experience and take in all that’s happening. it’s more than a ‘i should be there once-in-my-lifetime and that’s it’ experience.

every year the organizers will crack their brains, to think of a new theme, program lineups and songs for the event. it is not just a job-to-be-done, it would probably be more of an honor to be part of their committee and making sure the celebration go on smoothly. the time and effort put in for such a major event, we have to salute them for doing it.


after tomorrow, our National Stadium, the one which holds so much memories of our past…
would be torn down, to make way for the new National Stadium, which will definitely hold new memories for each and everyone of us.