… i’m melting… melting…

ok fine, i’m exaggerating 😛
but the weather has been and still is a killer.

due to the KILLER HEAT, spa / slimming session got postponed by yours truly and i stayed in the comfort of my own computer room, killing monsters in Flyff and waiting for pig, in a cute yellow van to pick me up.

yes, i’m getting very lazy…
i blame the heat, heh!

spent the afternoon at TM and Century Sq, which were flooded with people… literally, shoes stomping on other shoes type of flooded, due to GSS and Metro moving out sale.

i didn’t get to buy clothings, thanks to the crowd (no, it’s not sarcasm)… but i did got the gel / lotion, shen has recommended and piggy got his bed sheets and socks… *heh*

late lunch / tea @ Genki, pretty nice place to slack and sip on ocha (green tea)… we tried sea urchin sushi, which somehow taste a little like… fish roe but more like the uncooked version, very fishy taste.

strange taste but pretty ok, at least piggy like it.

after all that insane action at Tampines, we headed over to Parkway Parade, which strangely seem pretty much like Tampines… guess weekends would be a good explanation, at least we managed to get a seat at Pasta Mania for dinner… thankfully. i said thankfully, because there were table hoggers (revised from road hoggers) who refused to leave even when they finished their food (hint: MoS Burgers).

i know that’s a common sight.
oh well… i’m just ranting =P

anyway, end of rants…
at least for today.