A new month…

1st July…

10years since Hong Kong rejoined with China.

and as i recalled…
it has been 10years since Asia’s Financial Crisis, which happened in 1997.
and it seemed that loads had happen that year… if you referred to Wiki.


as for me, i was going 14…
was enjoying my Youth Day holiday, i guess.

sigh… i’m old~!!! =x


loads had happened over these 10years, be it good and bad, for govt and its people, economic, relationships between families, friends and strangers… perhaps even more than i am imagining right now.

be it good or bad, i’m just thankful that people i know or knew were happy, at some point of their life. which is pretty much what matters to me, as i’ve never believe anyone could be soooo unhappy every single step of their life.

you might not believe, but when you take your time to sit down and reminisce the past, you would probably recall something amazing that happened or when someone did something special that brighten your life.

i was grateful to experience all those.
i could pretty much say, it isn’t a bad life and i’ve experienced things i couldn’t imagine i would do. heh.


in a week’s time, one of my good friends is having her wedding…
can’t wait to see her in her wedding dress… =)

it’s amazing how things happened so fast and well for her, as it’s all God’s plan… from the date to the banquet… =)

but there’s still one thing…
i hadn’t receive my dress which i ordered… and i can’t find a replacement >.<