i dunno what have annoyed me more…

the consultant-in-charge being disrespectful (in tone) to my senior or bunch of secondary school students in uniform smoking.

mmm… perhaps both.

as for the consultant, i could understand he’s doing his job and trying to get his point across, which my senior was trying to do as well. this project is especially important to her and us, as our boss have given us full responsibilities (*eeks*) to it. as much as he was trying to safe-guard his company’s interests, we are doing it as well, to ensure project go ‘live’ and to not get ‘kill’ in the line of fire.

as for those secondary school students…
they were here for campus superstar and in uniform, mayfxxxxx sec (not that hard to guess which school it is).

if you are wondering, i’ve nothing against that school or towards any school and i came from a neighbourhood school as well. but having to see them wearing uniform and openly lit up a cig, crowding outside the bus-stop along Lornie road, smoking and blocking people… that pretty much says alot about them. even thou i wouldn’t classify them as ah bengs / ah lians, since most don’t look like one, other than tucking their uniforms out.

perhaps it’s a one-off case… and i couldn’t care if they die of smoking related diseases.
but at least show some respect for your school, by not smoking in your uniform and i’m sure schools have ‘warn’ people about smoking and misbehaving in school uniforms.

oh well.

*end of rant*