*Roll eyes*

Have you ever been preached at or hear people preaching while others are in hospital, and probably on their deathbed?

I have and I’ve a tendency to ‘rolleyes’ when they do it.


i detest self-proclaimed preachers, preaching while others are on their deathbed, frightened and unsure where are they heading.

Opportunity preachers.

In short:

I detest despise my cousin.
she wanted to convert our granny while granny is sick in hospital, when she has been into Buddhism, all her life.

But if my cousins (include her sister) wants to try and get a scolding of their lives, by my Aunt Peggy, it’s their problem. I wouldn’t help, since I never like extreme preachers and they are the one who turn me off, from Christianity in the first place.

based on what my friends have experienced to ‘reject’ Christianity, it seems they all have met such extremists type preachers… self-proclaimed preachers.

2 thoughts on “*Roll eyes*

  1. hiya! Yah I totally agreed with u! I’m sorta anti-christianity (note: not necessary anti-god) is due to these preachers too… The 1 thing I remember clearly what one said to me was: ‘When u die as a christian, u go to heaven!’ implying that you’ll go to hell if you’re into other religion.

    It’s so so… disrepectful of other religions, and trust them to grow up in a multi-racial/religion society and learnt nothing of tolerance and acceptance!

  2. hihi 🙂

    yea, thankfully not everyone who believe in Christ thinks that way… guess it’s only the extremists.

    those who condemn other religions, usually follow closely to what their preachers said, perhaps it’s time for churches to revise their way of preaching.

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