a day to remember…

Jialing & Rich’s wedding

Congrats to you guys!!!


was at the church wedding with piggy…
goldfish was helping out as one of the xiong di (brothers).

it was quite an experience, judging by the fact i’ve never been to a church wedding and based on what piggy said, it was quite a good one! especially love the short film they did, with all the ‘brothers’ acting and making all laugh.

took one of my new Ping.sg friend’s advice and got a dress for the wedding… at Blum, which cost me an arm… $188 for a dress… *faints*

i could only say that, that will be the first and probably last time i’ll spend so much on a dress… it’s a good thing i love the dress, it’s in my fav. color (blue) and probably suitable for almost any formal and semi-formal event.

if not, i’ll probably bang my head at the wall 😛


looking forward to chatting with goldfish tomorrow, ask him how he think of the dress… =)


expenses for these 3 days (clothings + shoes):
– shirt for meeting ($19.60)
– white pants ($34.40)
– dress ($188.00)
– stripey shoes ($19.90)

$261.90… *ouch*

heart pain…
but thankfully, i only make such a purchase once in God-knows how many years =P