12 more hours to go and i’m getting a little nervous…

I’m gonna get poke…
by a needle (syringe).

Hope you aren’t thinking dirty… *hehe*


My company has organized a health screening for everyone, which is optional and free (for basic checks), which is a good thing. Even though i would like to say “it’s the least the company could provide” but one has got to be fair, not all companies are willing to provide a health screening and at least now, they are doing their best to provide.

*thumbs up*

I’ve opt for the executive check, since everyone (family, friends, piggy & goldfish) have been bugging me to go for a check. What can i say, i’m prone to common cold, flu virus and all the other nonsense illness… and slightly anaemic as well.

Well, unless it’s a must, i’ll avoid anything to do with needles at all cost, excluding sewing needles.
Though my last experience with needles + syringe was just 6months ago, i still can’t help getting nervous. I never could get used to someone preparing & poking me with a syringe and drawing blood.

Hopefully the guy / girl will get it done within one try…


And i’ll probably get more nervous, during tomorrow afternoon when i meet all the others, from different business units.


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