Movie: Transformers

finally caught Transformers last night, with piggy.

the show needs no introduction…
if you grew up watching Transformers cartoon, especially for those 80s babies.


Althou it may seem to be the usual – “save the world, get the girl & machines” type.
But they did a really good job in the cg and the acting was pretty alright… the babes were gorgeous (which i think most guys will think likewise) and they can’t act but thankfully, their parts were minimum.

i rate it…
story: 3/5
cg art: 4/5
firepower: 5/5 (hahah… love the impulse gun)
thrill: 4/5

overall: 4/5

me –> fan girl of Transformers 😀


gonna look for the cartoon dvds… 😀

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