Spare the ladies…

in our world, there are those with different sexuality preference and those people who are whiny & bitchy.

but there are those who deserve a sex change, sparing ladies out there from their sickening, whining, bitchy, calculative and stupid behaviour.

and the best person of them all to go thru it…
piggy’s colleague.

he’s the first person i sincerely swear and pray that he goes for a sex change and spare his gf (aka wife to be) the agony, as he blardy bitchy and whine better than a 50year old who’s going thru menopause (no offence to the ladies out there).

he’s worse than someone i know, who has slight traits of us ladies… he’s so negative, so blardy depressing thoughts, i’m sure Satan would be happy to recruit him and have him influence others, to commit suicide.

aside to piggy:
please ask him out, i’m SO TEMPTED to smack him with a folded chair / LCD monitor and KO him, so we could send him for a sex change and end everyone’s misery. especially his gf (wife to be)

note to all:
nope, i’m not being evil or anything.
he truly deserve getting a free sex change, since he’s so screwed up and definitely doesn’t deserve to be part of any male species.

he’s a disgrace to all males.


4 thoughts on “Spare the ladies…

  1. I think i tend to be more like a girl than a guy too, lol. No wonder i dun get any girls : ( They’re all waiting for me to change : D

  2. perhaps you are too buddy with your gal friends. =)
    as for this guy, he thinks uber negative thoughts… like thinking he wouldn’t earn money for the next 12months, make himself and everyone else depress… and he has a tendency to do it every month.
    a month emo-ing session from him.
    i hate to admit it… he’s a female, more female than i’ll ever be.

  3. Why would you want such a person to go for a sex change and disgrace all the gals in the world? 😛

  4. DK… good question.

    but at least he can’t get married and torture the women.
    and i would consider him a she-male, he would NEVER be a complete female 😛

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