I realized…

I realized i’m an emo blogger.

My definition of emo blogger:
I need to be emotional or depress to write / blog well.

What do i base this find on:
If you read my past year’s post (which i noticed) in my blogspot blog, i tend to write a tinsy witsy bit better than my usual “i went out with xxx” aka boring life.

I guess my need to whine, share and archive my daily life = my blog.

Enough about my ‘findings’, here’s some random pics of the week:

custard dessert

MoS burger – Custard dessert (frankly, i’ve forgotten its actual name)

dsc02681.JPG dsc02687.JPG

Taken during Jialing & Rich’s wedding – Piggy & me (his little pig)

before anyone judge how i look, i’ll judge myself –> ugly & fat
oh and that’s the S$188 dress (from Blum & Co’s sister company), can’t tell it’s that expensive through this pic… =/


Bite sized Toblerone


Jap junk food i was munching on (bought from J8 BHG sale):

– Green Tea Pocky
– Mango Pocky
– 86% Dark chocolate

4 thoughts on “I realized…

  1. yeap, same here.
    BHG probably brought them in to test market…

    but one pack cost about $4 -5, with 4small packs of 6.

  2. lol, well i look fat in it ma 😀

    yeah, guess it’s probably that expensive due to limited stock. that shop brings in only 1 or 2 pieces for each design.

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