Where’s my 4 leaves clover, rabbit foot or horse shoe?!

Bring out your

– 4 leaves clover
– rabbit foot
– horse shoes
– lucky underwear
or anything lucky…

As it is…

Friday the 13th.


Black Friday!!!


nothing much happened yet…
other than the usual early morning traffic jam, along Lornie Rd or usual traffic jam over there.

it has been pretty peaceful, up till now (10:25am).

hopefully it stays that way for everyone… hehe!


well i don’t own any of the lucky charms above…
but my necklace has always bring me luck and peace, heh.

‘cos i believe in God more than superstitious stuff =)


I forgotten to add “Lucky underwear” to the list.
thanks Highway for reminding 😀

3 thoughts on “Where’s my 4 leaves clover, rabbit foot or horse shoe?!

  1. eh.. i didn’t know rabbit’s foot also can be use!! LOL… poor rabbit – they gotta run like mad else ppl will capture them for good luck! LOL

  2. haha!

    kev: yeap, i heard they use it in UK… but i could be wrong. i guess they could buy them off some restaurants that serve rabbit meat… *eek* poor bunnies, losing their feet and getting cooked :X

    highway: thanks for reminding me! i should go ask around if anyone is wearing their lucky red underwear… hmmm 😀

    happy TGIF13 😀

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