Ostracize? Ostracizing?

Have you ever been ostracize?
Have you and your friends ostracize someone, and why?


– to exclude, by general consent, from society, friendship, conversation, privileges, etc.
(from Dictionary.com)

Have you ever feel ostracized?

Quite often, in my case.
Most people fear what they don’t understand and assume that those who aren’t like them, are bad.

Shen would know what i mean =)

No one likes to be ostracize.
Those who intentionally and / or deliberately ostracize people / friends, it shows what kind of upbringing he/she has.

Elaboration is not needed.


Mom is upset with me, for sitting her and Dad elsewhere (for the movie) and that’s why she didn’t wanna go.

She feels ostracized.

If i really did wanna ostracize her, i wouldn’t even bother getting tix for her, excluding her in everything i do or intend to do.

Still, i don’t think i did anything wrong to protect myself from insanity or unnecessary arguments.

“Arm rest Nazi”, “Whiny Neighbour” and “Fidgety Audience” = Mom.

Oh well…

But i know she’ll get over it, in another 6 months. *lol*

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