Pasta @ Creation Cafe

I was @ Creation Cafe, early this week (on monday before watching Invisible Target).
Wasn’t having any jap food cravings, so we settled for something italian.

Ordered the Dinner set – $15.20 (no GST / Service Charge)

It came with:

Soup of the Day (Broccoli)

Smooth and creamy…

Thai Cream Sauce Seafood Pasta

Mussels, Scallops, Prawns, Pineapple cubes… *yummy*


Choice of dessert: Brownie & Icecream



and choice of drink.


Their pasta was really good, fresh ingredients were used and the sauce was really unique.

As for dessert, i didn’t expect to be able to choose between Apple Crumble with Icecream and Brownies with Icecream…

Simply sinful and yummy!!!

Definitely be going back, to try out other stuff on their menu.


So if you LUUURVVVEEE pasta, do give this place a try:

Shop: Creation Cafe

Place: Shaw Tower

Price: Less than $20, no GST / Service charge

Quality: 4/5