Switch bodies?

If you have the chance to switch bodies with someone you know or close to, would you?

After watching the last night’s episode of Switched! (幸运星), it made me wonder…

  •  how hard would it be to live up to someone’s reputation
  •  could hardwork ever be enough to be on par with talent
  •  what if you fall in love with your friend’s bf / gf
  •  what if either one didn’t wanna switch back

Your family, friends, future… changed, switched.
It hurts when you fall in love with your best friend’s guy/girl, but to be in their body and know them so personally…

That hurt would be 100x more painful.


Imagine me switching bodies with a:

  •  Doctor

Probably end up giving wrong prescriptions and maimed the patient or worse, killing him/her… =x

  • Police officer

Although I’ve no problems in handling guns but i doubt i’ve the stamina to chase after criminals and protect others’ lives.

  • Artist

I can’t sing or act, to save my life… *lolx*

  • Model

Probably make him/her gain weight, since i love food.

  • Teacher

Hmmm, for pre-schoolers i guess. At least i could still handle kids.



No matter what, even though i can’t save lives, sing or act, cure someone, walk on stage…

But i’m happy to be me.
The craps i’ve gone through, the tears & joys with friends and family, encouragements from strangers around…

Nothing could ever make me give them up =)