Whiny Tuesday mood

it’s cold, it’s wet…

it’s Tuesday.

things to whine about:

  • the blardy system is still having problems
  • stage 2 was supposed to start yesterday
  • having a bad headache
  • still feeling darn tired
  • need a holiday

tempted to just walk away from all these nonsenses…
since it wasn’t in my job scope to test this ridiculous system…

but still…
i have to answer to my boss, so i can’t… *sigh*

although we know that, the top level mgmt want this system to go smoothly, some of us remain skeptical about ‘it’ go ‘live’ before Christmas.

it’s regression, regression and more regression problems.

*cuss cuss cuss*

which i wonder if those top level people know about it.
or are sweet talked convinced by those external consultants that it’ll definitely work and they’ll run by targeted timing.