Got a call earlier from Aunt Peggy…
Informing us that…

Granny is back in hospital.
Not sure what’s wrong but gonna visit her later… =/


Too many lemmings these few weeks…
And no thanks to Swatch, for releasing a new series of watches


Things i want get:

  • Full Blooded Silver from Swatch
  • Levis 518 jeans from JcPenny
  • Oakley Minute from Oakley
  • Jekyll from Rudy Project
  • Alba M from Tucano (or Crumpler)
  • K800i or S500i from Sony Ericsson
  • Aeropostale Jacket
  • Nike Duffle

and etc…

Argh… too many stuff to get, too little money.
Die, i can see my bank a/c running dry… *sob*

Thankfully i got something ‘for free’ or so it seems, from Starhub.
Compaq Presario laptop… *sigh*