I feel so used… =(

Jay Chou is coming?
Or is it Jay-Z?
Will be in SG today?

I’m soooooooooooo thrilled… *rolleyes*

Seriously, i don’t really give a hoot.
No offence to any fans but i’m just not into celeb-chasing.


I received an sms early this morning, from a number which i’ve long deleted or didn’t bothered to save, so i’ve no idea who the hell it is… he/she/it was asking me:

“Morning, 2dae Jay coming 2 e cathay. My student wans his signature. Any lobang 2 get his signature? Thanks!”

… -_-”

Do i look like those artisties management groupie?
Or is it just because i’m in media and definitely will have ways to get it?

Both questions: NO.

I’m not THAT lucky to rub shoulders / noses with those celebs and i do paperwork for a living.
Note: i’m just a junior exec, enjoying my time in mindless paperworks and gossips.

Annoyed, still i replied nicely and told the person:

“No, i wouldn’t be there and i’ve no friends going. So if you want his signature, please ask him personally or his security for it.”



I feel so ‘used’.
Only sms me for a signature favor.

So please, if you ever wanna get signatures of some celeb…

You’ll never get any from me.

my sig cost $100… *heh*
just kidding.

3 thoughts on “I feel so used… =(

  1. i used to have friends asking me to ask my sis for JJ’s signature too. she did use to work with JJ but wah, so unprofessional to keep asking him to sign this sign that, as a personal favor rite?

    i dun think these ppl undertsand how it is like. even if u DO work with the artiste, its not always possible to get signatures or other stuff..

  2. daph:
    yea, it’s very unprofessional to keep asking for it.
    i’m sure the artists do feel irritated as well.

    can, but hor 1 signature = $100 😡

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