Life and Death

If you ever have someone close to you, critically ill in hospital and the chances of him/her recovering is so low, eg. 5%…

What will you do:
– ask the doctor to administrate stronger medicines, in hope to prolong his/her life, hoping for that 5% chance of recovery
– ask the doctor to leave it as it is and hope that he/she will have the will power to recover
– ask the doctor to leave it as it is and let him/her leave peacefully, instead of prolonging his/her sufferings.

Perhaps you wouldn’t be able to choose just one of the above…
Neither could i.

I admit, this is a very depressing question.

But it’s something i’ve to think about, when my granny is in hospital and critically ill.
At the moment, it’s a sudden lung infection and dunno what else, since our dear specialists couldn’t find anything wrong with her, without opening her up.

Both her doctors (internal and gyn specialist) finally agreed that it’s not wise to get her under the knife, when she’s so weak (fluctuating blood pressure), couldn’t talk, on full drips and oxygen support.


Perhaps it’s better to leave it to granny, to decide what she wants.
For us, as long as she’s happy and free of all her pain… it’s fine.

3 thoughts on “Life and Death

  1. Hey,
    When my cancer spread to my liver and bones, my doc only gave me 2-6 months left and chemo was to prolong my life, with the option to cure. Yet, my parents still went ahead because we believe, if you don’t try, you won’t know.
    I agree, letting your granny decide may be an option, but some elderly hate to “trouble” their children and grandchildren and she may or may not just give up. Talk to her and let her understand.
    Whatever the case it, I wish you, your granny and your family the best!

  2. hey xinyun, dun be too upset. My late grandma was also like that, she had double stroke, so its hard for her to recover, fluctuating blood pressure is nt a very good sign. nt trying to scare you, but that’s what happen to my grandma also. She can’t talk either.

    I know its very sad and depressing for you to see your grandma like this. Leave it to her. let her decide ba 🙂

  3. thanks sweeties 🙂

    to paced:
    yeap, that’s true. it’s better to try and i’m glad you are alright now 🙂
    will talk to her later about it… thanks 🙂

    to nicole:
    no worries sweetie, the doctor & nurses have forewarned us as well. my aunt, who’s a nurse did said that hearing would be the last thing before death… i’ve left all these to God and we shall see how it goes 🙂

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