For the record…

Just received my August issue of TimeOut mag…
Love it, always comes on time… =D


And found an article, on our country’s interesting accomplishments.

Just to name a few (quoted from TimeOut mag):

  • 1966: 39,835 babies (by KK hospital) – Greatest no. of babies born in a maternity hospital in a year
  • 1986: 74 hours & 5mins (by The Oriental Singers) – World’s Longest Non-stop Singing
  • 2004: 10th Oct (by Don Ezra Nicholas) – Most no. of hamburgers stuffed in mouth
  • 2006: 12th Nov (by Ang Chuan Yang) – World’s Fastest Text Messenger
  • and many more…

    For the whole list, do get this month’s issue, it’s on page 9.


    Among these few, i only knew about the World’s Fastest Text Messenger…

    It was organized by Singtel.

    Article –> here

    Google-d it… heh.

    Back to finishing my mag… =D