More MRT ‘incidents’?

i was just checking out top posts…

and i realized there’s a new MRT ‘incident’…
which is probably the 2nd in 1.5month.

refer to this (post 1) or this (post 2).

hope that person will be able to R.I.P and his family will get through this tough period.


seriously, it’s strange…
to date, nothing has been actually done, to prevent more cases from happening.
i meant by, no extra barriers or doors, similar to the ones in underground stations.

perhaps to almost everyone, it would give our dear local transportation company a valid reason to jack up transport fares. but somehow, i would rather they jack up those fares than to know that someone tragically / accidentally / deliberately die on those stations, to travel to.

yeah i know, it’s a selfish thinking of mine…

but i really don’t want to freak out knowing that some innocent / deliberate soul is haunting this very MRT station.

note: xinyun is a scaredy cat

i wonder if people know…
“Death due to suicide does not assure family members insurance payout”

5 thoughts on “More MRT ‘incidents’?

  1. Nothing will be done even if another 10 people kill themselves on the tracks. They will talk about the cost etc if people write to the papers. And I say… show me how much that would cost instead of just telling me the cost will go to us. Frankly, I would rather pay a little more than living with these blasted delays.

  2. to xizor:

    i agree, it’s better to just let us know how much it’ll cost.
    i wouldn’t mind paying additional 10 – 30cents, to avoid being late for work / meetings / dates.

  3. Building barriers will give our world ‘class transport’ a reason to jerk up the transport fees. Instead of wasting the $, it should be used on helping the poor!

  4. Well, we are world class, right? In their mind, if some third world sub ways do not put barriers in their above ground stations, why would they want to look lesser than third world with those barriers. Cost is used as a scapegoat here. It is all about being number ONE in the world.

  5. to pubed and reader:
    we would probably be world class / world best, if our accidents / incidents record is clean, at least it used to be clean. (eg. SIA)

    true, the money could be used to help the poor but whenever there’s such ‘incidents’, that money is being used to ferry passengers to and fro, pay for ‘reputation damages’ and perhaps counselling for those who witnessed the event.

    it’s just too convenient for those who are looking for an easy way out.
    2-3 ‘incidents’ this year, it’s getting way out of hand.

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