finally gotten and now, blogging on my new laptop =D

$99 for a 1.8ghz 1gb ram laptop…
pretty decent right?

it’s not the best, definitely not as great as Asus.
but still, it’s workable and useful.

and i wouldn’t need to buy a tv for my room *grin*

the deal works like this:
– sign up for 30months of Starhub Maxonline Ultimate plan
– get a 20% off for your monthly bill
– and get a free 1.7ghz laptop!

basically i upgraded my plan to Ultimate, which works out to an additional $20 per month.
so the laptop cost about $600 (if $20 x 30mths).

the only problem with this laptop:
– heats up darn fast (probably due to AMD processor + i’m charging my laptop + i’m updating stuff)