Give me comics anyday.

Although i LOVE watching animes, esp. the mindless comical kind, like One Piece / Azumanga Daioh… but when it gets licensed in Asia, it’s definitely cheaper to read comics.

Esp. when you see bad dubbing / subtitling from Asia companies.

I was watching Gundam Seed, on Kids Central and i realized that whatever were said by the characters, were almost totally different from the subtitles. After 5mins of it, i switched to CNA.

At first, i thought M.Corp, had made a serious mistake on the subtitles.
Then i remembered they had to obtain license to air, from the company / companies that owns the Asia licensing… and as far as i remembered watching an anime episode @ B.Denki, it pretty much seems to be the same company.

With such bad dubbing / subtitling, it’s hard to convince me to part with my ‘hard earned’ money for something which is done without passion and accuracy.

Take a free fan-sub for example, it’s done by people who LOVE animes, speak the language as it’s their first language and did it out of passion.

Now look at some ‘very much’ licensed animes, it’s just too hard for me to believe it’s worth all that trouble, money and time.

Comics, on the other hand…
There’s nothing much to complain about, other than still images which require your imaginations.
But that’s not that hard and furthermore, it cost lesser than crappy subtitled / dubbed animes and one could easily pick it up from any leading bookstores / comic shops.

And i could practically read it anywhere…
include bus rides, before bed time, in the loo (hahahhaaa… just kidding =P).

Pros (comics):
– cheap
– no licensing issues / lawsuits
– read it anytime, anywhere

Cons (comics):
– require imaginations

I’m not listing which company i’m assuming it to be.

It’s for you to guess, if you are a avid fan of any animes, you would probably know which one i’m talking about… =)