Lunar 7th month

Or better known as Ghost Festival.

If you are still not sure what it means, please refer to this wiki page.

checked with my aunts, it’s supposed to start on the 1st day.
instead of 14th / 15th day, stated in wiki page (probably different countries different timing).


Yesterday was the first night of our Lunar 7th month.

I’m sure some have seen their neighbours burning incenses, paper money and offering food, to the dead / spirits, under their HDB apartments. Some made their way to temples and attend prayer sessions.

Not forgetting the ge-tais or open air performance shows for the dead / spirits.

There’s a film done by Royston Tan, on ge-tais.
It’s called – 881 (or in chinese – papaya).
Refer –> Here.

Every year, this time / this month…
Parents will start nagging and making sure that we come back before 10pm – 12mn, for a special purpose, to avoid meeting the dead / spirits and minimize the chances of disturbing them.

Or having them following us, for fun.

After all, it’s their ‘time-off’ from wherever they were at.
It’s normal if they intend to visit their families & friends or have a little fun disturbing people.


Suprisingly, i’m the one nagging at my parents, to be home early.


They have been working 12-14hours daily, due to insane amount of emails and quotations needed, repeating instructions to very silly people who doesn’t understand and remember instructions and making sure everyone arrives and depart.

They practically reach home, like 11pm or later.


Something interesting happened last night…

It was a warm night, even the fans weren’t sufficient.
Being the scaredy cat, i read the bible before resting…

As i began drifting off to sleep, my mind started repeating verses / paragraphs from bibles which i don’t remember reading early, it went on for about 30mins or so till i totally went off to LALA land.

I find it interestingly strange, as most of my friends know as much as i love and believe in God, i’ve a darn short memory…

STM – short term memory

And usually i find it hard to remember paragraphs from novels, needless to say paragraphs from the bible.

*off to look for answers*