My conversation with Dad

Here it is:

Dad: “You never download animes / cartoons right?”

Me: “No time to even watch tv, how to watch animes?”

Dad: “Good. They are catching users who are downloading.”

Me: “Oh, i know about that. #@$# company who produces lousy / bad subtitling for good animes are catching right.”
Me: “Wondering if they were the one who did Gundam Seed’s subtitling, which is showing on Kids Central… After 5mins of it, i switched to Channel News Asia.”

Dad: “Is that so? Then you should boycott all bad / lousy quality products.”

Me: “Yeah definitely, i rather play double or triple for good company / fan subbed animes.”

– End –
as we installed our Epson printer and chat on, getting solar panels from Wal-mart.



Dad teach me boycotting.

Well, firstly…
i’ve no intention of getting C-graded (aka CMI) animes.

It’s always better to purchase from PlayAsia, Amazon and Jap anime sites =)

Or a better alternative, comics! =D

just a conversation i had with my Dad.
if in any strange way you feel that it’s directed to you…

Gomen nasai *grin*

6 thoughts on “My conversation with Dad

  1. Well, their sales figures is probably bad enough as it already is, due to the quality problems before they started suing everyone. And instead of looking at and then solving their own problem, they found a convenient scapegoat and …. well, not something I would say in public domain.

  2. to khairul:
    heh, that’s true.
    i wouldn’t mind taking up jap, just to watch jap version animes & comics 😀

    to xizor:
    the bah bah black sheep of animes… *baaaah*

    to Ivet:
    yeap 🙂
    thanks for dropping by!

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