Crazy stuff i do…

craziest thing i’m doing before my birthday:
i’m blogging, as i ride, on the ECP expressway 😀

no thanks to piggy, dragged me out of my comfortable bed & room…
i was dragged to SLS (aka sim lim square), where i got my Tucano laptop bag & Logitech laptop mouse @ S$82.

bag – $59
mouse – $23

and i’m down to my last $100, till payday :X

anyway, back to our outing…
we ventured into this office building, One Shenton, to see if we are lucky enough to catch the fireworks, so did many others… but no thanks to CDL’s new building project, we only managed to see almost NOTHING =P

*mutter mutter*

i told piggy, when CDL’s building is done…
i shall try my luck and see if i could get a job there.
so every year, we’ll get extremely good view for watching fireworks 😀

just kidding.

but if it happens, that’s a super bonus.

now, we are heading down to East Coast Park…
for coffee / supper / sunrise and prata for breakfast 😀

*be back later… and i mean very much later*

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