Deciding to…



to those who have been read my blog regularly:

can i please move my blog again?

*insert muttering from friends & family*

well, as you guys know…
this site / blog is temporary (i’ve stated on my blog in blogger).
but this time would probably different.

i intend to shift and stay there for good =x
*cross fingers* has been great, easy to use and simply love the domain name!
but i wanna get my own space, to try, design and host different stuff.
eg. different themes / skins, adverts and selling stuff.



local webhosts?

*gives everyone the Puss In Boots look*

2 thoughts on “Deciding to…

  1. It’s up to you. If you don’t use a lot of disk space, then local host should be enough for you. You’d have to check on your bandwidth usage too. Ultimately, you do some comparsion and determine your needs before deciding on a host.

    If you are going to use DreamHost, you can sign up here 😀

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