Finally 24!

Start of a new week


I’m tired…
still exhausted from my weekend celebration with piggy…

Many thanks to my piggy…
for dragging / bringing me out to:

– shop for my laptop bag and mouse
– my fav. wanton mee store
– dragging me to One Shenton, to try watching fireworks
– ECP and surf net there
– Evan Rd Mr Prata, for prata supper
– home @ 3am

and continue later on, 5pm.

And many thanks to friends / ‘family’, who called / message their well wishes:

– Rin mei
– Arch hammie
– Victor kor
– Elwin
– Genn
– Daph
– Shen
– Sean
– Wishbone
– Charis
– Mingyao
– Jialing & Rich
– Richmond
– Gene aka qulkz
– Lihui, Wanfen, Peijie, Jiayan

etc etc.

Sorry if i left anyone out…
Can’t rmbr much, esp. when you guys called / messaged while i was half asleep… =x

Oh, and i was told by one of my colleagues…
They have forgotten about my birthday… *pout*

(edited: read 23th Aug post)

Haha, oh well. never mind.
At least they did tell me they were sorry and they always tried to make me feel welcome in the group 🙂

thanks everyone =)

Finally 24!

pics on presents (tbc)

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