Someone from my past

While reminiscing…
A character from the old gaming community appeared, as i go through some profiles.

My first encounter with her:
Based on what my friend heard, that she has asked a guy to beat me up.

Doesn’t that sound mighty interesting?
I certainly thought so.

Especially when i was happily engrossed in my game and not making any eye contact with anyone, in that ‘lovely’ internet cafe, with my gaming friends.

Upon hearing the ‘news’, the only expressing i have:
O_o … *blur*
before going “Eh?”.

Come on, asking a guy to beat up a girl, just because you don’t like me.
Now that’s childish & super ridiculous.

When the game ended and i walked past her, she slunk away.
That’s something i would never forget.

That look / image, never fail to crack me up… =)

Those who were in the same gaming community and who happened to witness that scene, would know who i’m referring to… Not something one would write home to brag about, that’s for sure.

That, was just one little incident she created and initiated, there were many more along the way, involving her sister and their friends.
Now, i’m not upset with her.
Just amused by her antics and wondering if she really did changed.

I do hope that she has changed for the better, especially she’s a friend of another friend. But one thing for sure, i would not disclose anything from her past, unless asked to.


‘Cos everyone deserve a second chance.
I’ve gotten my second chance from love ones and friends, who believed in me.

She deserve at least one more chance, to prove that she has changed for the better.

If she has gotten worse, then so be it.
It’s her life, she’s answerable for it and she can’t blame others for sneering at her.

The next time i see her on the street or with my friend…
We shall see… =)

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