Inner Peace

Wonder what to say to people…
who have conveniently ostracize you…
and yet message you out of the blue…
to wish you all the best?

That’s one thing that have kept me thinking all day, even when i’m on medical leave.

Based on this page:
“Forgiveness is the perfume a flower leaves on the heel that crushed it. It is an undeserved grace that one who is sinned against grants the one who sinned against them.”

In my own words:
Every blardy Tom, Dick and Harry in this world has sinned against people around them, in some ways or another. And why shouldn’t we forgive others and set them free from guilt?

For i know i’ve treated some people badly and others have did the same to me.
But one thing for sure, it’s pointless to harp on it forever.
Just forgive and move on.


The more upset or angry you are with others, the more you wouldn’t be able to find peace in life.

Like me.
I think i’m still upset and angry with people around me, eg. mom, relatives and people i met along the way.

Guess it’s time…
to find inner peace.