Finally @ home…

Had an extremely long and draggy meeting…
From 10am – 12pm, continued from 2pm – 5pm and 5.30pm – 6.45pm.

It was on next week’s stage 2.
As we discussed, we realized there are additional test scenarios to try and more ‘possible problems’ that might arise, during stage 2.


My senior said:
“Be prepared to do OT for the next 3 weeks, including weekends…”

I was thinking… why not just bring camping gear over (eg. sleeping bags and stuff) and stay there from Mon – Fri.

If we do so, we just might be able to complete it on time and i’ll still be able to go for my dental appointment.

But seriously, who’s so ‘ON’ enough to sleep in an old studio, with only one way in and out?

Just me, i suppose.


Met up with piggy’s friends / school mates.
For dinner @ chomp chomp and mudpies @ Ice3

My first impression of them:
Pretty nice bunch, friendly and looks alright.
Not as hilarious / hideous looking as piggy’s gf have made them seemed.

(Note: I’ve never met her but piggy said she kept laughing at his friends, for no apparent reason.)

Although one of them does look like Patrick, my ex colleague.


Picture: My bday present from Piggy

CoolerMaster NotePal W1 (silver)



good nite!