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Odex Feud Affects Kotex
Posted on Sunday, August 26, 2007
Topic: Business

by Michael Bloombird

The regional distributor for Kotex, the women’s sanitary pad, is complaining that local anime distributor Odex is affecting their image.

Odex has been in the news lately because it is aggressively pursuing legal action against people who have allegedly downloaded pirated copies of their anime titles. Downloaders, meanwhile, have defended their actions, citing the poor quality of Odex’s products, with pixelised images, poor audio dubbing and incomprehensible subtitles. The pirated copies of the titles are apparently superior, coming from foreign versions of the products, or where fans have substituted their own subtitles, a practice known as ‘fansubs’. Fans are furious at Odex’s legal actions, as they claim it is a way for them to profit despite peddling substandard products. In a notorious instance, Odex apparently compelled a 9 year old to pay them damages of $2,000 in instalments. Meanwhile, the managing director of Odex has also been the subject of death threats.

This feud has now spilled over from the anime domain into the realm of women’s sanitary products.

According to Ms. Tamporn Maxipad, the regional agent for Kotex, “The online rage being directed against Odex is affecting the public perception of Kotex.”

Ms Maxipad explained that this was not only because of the similar-sounding names, but because many irate anime fans were calling Odex management “bloody chee byes” in numerous online forums.

“As you know, bloody chee byes are Kotex’s core business,” said Ms Maxipad gravely. “We cannot allow this accidental link between Odex’s poor image and our core business to affect Kotex’s brand reputation. Period.”

Ms Maxipad has filed a complaint about the Odex case with CASE, the consumer protection agency, and urged Odex to tend to its poor public image swiftly.

Currently, sales of Kotex have not been affected yet, but Ms Maxipad says that, “We have to staunch any potential flow in case we start bleeding profits and start going into the red.”

When contacted, a spokesman for Odex stated, “We want do’nt to be peoples sueing but downloading’s can not. Else our sales going be downly. But trying best we to mess this settle.”

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Hope none of you thought it was real =)

It’s a joke / spoof, found on TalkingCock website.


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