Zannen desu!


I’m sorry… =x


My apologies for the lack of sufficient substance posts.
eg. emotional / whining / daily stuff posts.

Really tired & exhausted.
Slept at 1am.

I’ve been really busy…
To be frank, not entirely with work.

With online spree organizing.

Yes, i’m a online shopaholic… =x

For those who enjoy buying stuff online (like me), would find Livejournal sprees close to heart. I’ve probably spent like $500 or more, on clothes and accessories, over this 1 year span.

Communities on livejournal (catered to S’poreans):
– sgspree
– _spreee
– spreesgalore

Currently there’s a sale going on, Threadless is having their US$10 tees sale. Tees going off the shelves / out of stock by the minute… but thankfully, i’m able to get what i need for my friends and some spree-ers.


Sale is ending 3rd Sept.
So if you intend to get some unique tees design, that comes in limited stocks, do check out the site.


Time to get back to work.
Will blog later 🙂