Girls’ Night Out

Met up with Shen, for a Girls-Only meetup…
After a long month without meeting her.

As always, we headed over to S11 Bishan and chatted through our usual crab feast, gossiping about work, men and people that mattered.

And of cos, the irritating people we met in the recently weeks =)


Food standard had drastically dropped, it used to be soooo good.
But now, it was just ok.

No longer that fantastic.

After which, headed over to J8’s Hagen Daz…
Where we continued with our chit chatting and enjoyed that yummy Chocolate Fondue =D~


pic from Hilmyworks (referred by Google search)


*hugs shen*

Hope that everything would fall in place nicely for you, sis.
He (God) will make everything work out alright =)