Harry’s, Dry Martini, Brownies

pic from Dempsey Hill site

Harry’s, Dry Martini, Brownies.

Straight after work, i was whisked off to Dempsey Hill.
By my lovable piggy, who spontateously decided it’s a good place to check out.

Upon arriving, we strolled and checked out several restaurants, eventually decided on Harry’s.

Harry’s @ Dempsey Hill, caters to the young executives and big bosses. It’s a pub with several LCD tvs for sports enthu, soccer is always on, on at least one screen.

And of course…
They do serve dinner.

For example:

Fish and Chips, Carbonara and Smoked Salmon and Blue Cheese salad… that was what we had.

Not forgetting our drinks, Dry Martini (mine) and Tequila Sunrise (piggy).

Pretty decent meal, at least for me (piggy didn’t quite like their fish and chips), did expected it to be slightly costly.

Total bill came up to about S$60+.
Steep, but acceptable for a restaurant on Dempsey Hill.

Food – 3.5/5 (decent, wouldn’t mind going back)
Drinks – 3.5/5 (will probably go back for Tequila Sunrise)
Price – 3/5 (could get costly, if you are there every weekend)
Service – 2.5/5 (could be better, not attentive)


After a satisfying meal, i dragged piggy to Ben & Jerry’s…
For their sinful Brownie Surprise.

Topped with one scoop of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough icecream, with warm fudgy brownie… sprinkled with chocolate chips and fudge…

Extremely sinful, but yummy :D~

The only sad thing, i didn’t get to take much pictures.
My darling K750i going kuku / crazy… =(

At least here’s one, on the Brownie Surprise…