All done!

All done!

I can finally say…
It’s all done.


After a tiring week of work, more work, problems and more regression problems at work, convinced that there’s a need to come back on Saturday for OT, sprees to join, sprees to organize and make sure payments are in and done, orders are placed and everything is perfect…

Spree closed!

Case closed!
Now – wait for parcels.

I’m FINALLY done with 3 batch of Threadless orders.
One – for my friends and myself.
One – for spree-ers on livejournal.
One – for spree-ers on auctions.

I never thought spree organizing can be so mentally exhausting… I’ve done a few sprees in the past, but never this tiring…

For starters, i’m never exceptionally good with numbers and this time round, i’m literally swamped by numbers coming in every other hour and making sure everyone sent in their payments.


Well, guess that’s something i’ve to learn to cope with.

Since i’m a online shopaholic (like i’ve told piggy and xizor) and it’s always nice to help others get what they want / need.

Best part – being appreciated =)
Just received thanks from a spree-er… *happy*

Although i wonder if i could ever cope well enough, to make it a business, like some of the livejournals organizers. They are exceptionally good at organizing, ordering, sending out stuff and making everyone happy (instead of cranky).

But if you EVER look at my work desk in office or my bedroom, you’ll really wonder if i could ever manage to multi-organize sprees. Eg. 10 sprees going at once.


Oh well…
We shall see… =)