Event: Championship Gaming Series

Ever dreamt about being a professional gamer, like Fatal1ty or Korean Starcraft player?
Like those SG players who made it to the WCG World finals?

Here’s a chance to make that happen.

Date: 6th – 9th Sept
Location: Suntec Hall 601 – 603


A test of skill and wits…
To be the winner of each game division.

Received this thru email, from SGGA.
And thought i shall share this with all gamers, who are dreaming and hoping to be a professional / salaried gamer.

Dreams like this, used to be impossible.
But now, it’s available to all.

Website link –> Here

2 thoughts on “Event: Championship Gaming Series

  1. Yea…but only for selected games. That’s the problem with SG-Gaming i feel; cant extend itself outside of the box to the bigger variety of games.

    Anyway my competitive gaming ended with DoD. Too much politics in the gaming world with money-grubbing liars lining up to make a quick buck out of kids and teenagers that really want to do what the above poster advertises.

  2. yeap, it’s true.
    it’s always on that few games…

    it’s all about marketing and branding, the dream of easy money and doing what you love most.

    my gaming days ended with CS 1.6… lol

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