Some lost, missed and others found – Death and Kinship (Part 1)

Part 1:
As i ‘reviewed’ what i’ve done and been through in 2007, i would say:
“It has been a good year so far…”

Why so?

Other than granny’s death, which was inevitable… bless her kind soul (she was always helping people, giving to the poor and took care of all the cute kitties) and hope she’s happy.


I saw our family (maternal side) coming closer and working to make things work (smoothly and efficiently), even though bad blood still runs (for both generation).

Everyone made an effort to be at granny’s bedside, when she was ill, came to visit her at SGH, spent quality time with her, being there for her, like she has done for us.

Especially Aunt Peggy, who has been living with granny with Ella (her maid), getting all physical and mentally drained, taking no-pay leave just to take care of granny.

Not forgetting my male cousin, rushed back from Holland to help out and spent time with granny.


I felt the emotional struggle everyone were going through, praying that granny would be fine or wouldn’t suffer that much. Which was what i felt too, eventually left it for God to decide what’s best for her.

Family members, who are Christians, made an effort to go through a Buddhist funeral and holding incense, as a form of respect.

Spent some time understanding what my cousins and aunts been doing over the years, got to know them better, under such circumstances, eg. Cindy, Bryan, Xiao Yi… etc. Same goes for my Aunt Brenda, who came to pay her respect and shared her paranormal experiences, with me.

Getting to see the emotional side of my dearest + irritating mom… At least she aren’t that hard-hearted as she seemed to be.

New found understanding and respect for the living, unknown and God.

As we ‘accompanied’ granny to Guang Ming Shan (Bright Hill Temple), i remembered i’ve not ‘visited’ my paternal grandparents in a long time and made an effort to ‘visit’ them (at their tablets), letting them know everything is fine and hope they are doing well.


Granny’s death (she was 79yrs old), though i don’t cry over it anymore, i still find it hard to accept.

But i’m thankful to her, even though she’s gone (we lost her and miss her), she saw us, coming together as a family (even though we bickered and quarreled during the funeral, very much dysfunctional and crazy) and allowed us to be closer to one another.

In a way, only we understand 🙂

(to be continued… to lazy to write more, for now… heh!)