Microsoft Office vs. Star Office

I guess i’m one of the few, who has both office programme, installed in their system.
*looks lovingly at my diy desktop & compaq presario laptop*


Back to topic.


Microsoft Office:
A programme / application, which helps to make OUR life so much easier.

– making work paperless, easing the need to carry tons of documents or mailing them.
– easy way of doing presentations, less the need for cardboards or markers for diagram drawings.
– sending important documents to people, on the other side of anywhere.

It’s something we can’t live without, since most of our computers are happily installed with MS Windows and its compatible applications. Almost all white collar workers know how to operate it, since it’s a basic skill required for any office job.

But it cost a bomb, even the Home & Student edition.
And it’s not a complete set, since there’s no MS Access, Frontpage etc.

Not that i care for MS Access, never saw the need for it.

As for Star Office:

It’s an affordable alternative to Microsoft Office…
Note: i’m quoting it word for word, while looking at the box.

It has almost everything a Microsoft Office Small Business would have… and i really mean it.
Stuff it lacks, Accounting Express and Outlook.

If you ignore that, it’s pretty much exactly like MS Office Small Business.
But it includes XML support and HTML writer.

For nearly 1/2 MS office’s price.


If you do a search on Yahoo Auctions…

You can see that a brand new, sealed MS Office (Home & Student edition) cost almost S$200.
As for Star Office, which my dad got it at Challenger, it is going for S$90+, not OEM but in box, sealed.

And it’s a known fact, for MS Office, it can only be installed in 3 desktop / laptop.
But for Star Office, one is allowed to install it on maximum 5 desktop / laptop.

Definitely something useful, for any Small / Medium enterprises and home use.


It’s pretty useful, near instant xhtml / java codings.
I’m glad Dad bought and forced installed it, on my darling desktop and laptop, at least i don’t have to go buy MS Frontpage / Dreamweaver… =D

Enough for today.
Didn’t expect to write a page on office applications, heh.

Oh well, bear with me.
I’m just strangely bored, on a Sunday afternoon. 🙂

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