My Weekend Pig-Out Session

My weekend (in short):
Meet, Eat, Chat, Eat, Gossip, Shop, Slack, Chat, Stone, Eat, Sleep.

Now / today:
Rest, Sleep, Stone.


Okok, here’s it in full (on my boring life):

Piggy whisked me off to Vivo Swensen, to eat and stuff ourselves silly with salads and Fish & Chips, since he had cravings for it.

After a satisfying meal, we left promptly thus giving up the table, as we saw NUS team (bowling team i guess) of 20 people, ‘sardined’ themselves with insufficient seats.

Did a little window shopping and headed home.


After a good night’s rest and upon finishing all the laundry (yawns), Piggy and i headed down to THE Central Mall @ Clarke Quay, to meet up with Rin and Arch, to dine @ Waraku.

Being the sua-ku a.k.a frog in the well, it’s my first time at Central Mall and Waraku.
Food was great, we stuff ourselves silly with Waraku’s paper hotpots... and after which, helped Arch picked out a nice shirt.

Pretty decent place, with a whole floor dedicated to Japanese dining and several floors of good shopping. At basement 1, there’s a little shop selling cute and yummy mini donuts in all flavors, 12 for S$4.

But the building isn’t completed, it’s more of a soft opening, since the other floors from 7th floor onwards are still under construction, reminds me of a shopping mall in Pratunam, Bangkok.

Next, we headed off to Dempsey Hill, since Rin and Arch hasn’t been there…
And Arch was thinking of having Ben & Harry’s Jerry’s and drinking @ Harry’s.
But… being a Saturday night, both places were packed and so we ended up @ Dome, for tea =)

After all the food, we headed down to Marina Pier where we sat and crapped about stuff and enjoyed the scenery and watched others fished.

Lastly, we headed down to Mr Bean @ Prinsep street for supper / breakfast and headed home.


Nothing much, too tired to go anywhere.

Although i did wonder, should i go meet the Pingsters who are having an icecream outing now… but i guess i’ll wait till next time, since i’m too tired to drag myself out the chair.

Just enjoying the moment, slacking infront of my desktop and writing this summary / story for those who cared, enjoyed, read what i write.

Which seemed really boring, when i re-read it myself.


Based by what i’ve ate during the weekend…
I’m definitely gonna put on a few kgs…

*sigh* … Oh well.
Gym time… =)

*off to watch mindless tv*